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Work and the Coronavirus

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Helping people understand how COVID-19 affects work and employment by sharing insights and help from ILR's workplace experts.

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September 2020 Job Disruptions Update: Dimmer Prospects for a Speedy Rebound

In September, COVID-19 was still disrupting the jobs of over 12 million workers—about 7 percent of the pre-COVID-19 labor force. Prospects for a speedy recovery have dimmed as fewer jobless workers are on temporary layoff and more are permanently laid off and have left the workforce altogether.
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Reemployment Prospects Vary by Gender, Race and Hispanic Ethnicity

Most workers whose jobs have been disrupted maintain a tie to their employers.
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Video: Employer Liability Protection, Workers Compensation, and a National Fund

Esta Bigler hosts a webinar discussion with labor-law experts that explores state and national approaches to employer liability and funding for employment benefits.
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Video: Reopening During Covid and Older Workers

Esta Bigler hosted a webinar discussion with labor-law experts on the ramifications of reopening on older workers, and where the ADA relates to reopening.
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Will the True Unemployment Rate Please Stand Up?

The numbers are solid, Erica Groshen says in response to speculation that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics might have manipulated data.
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May 2020 Jobs Report Update on COVID-19’s Impact on Jobs

The Payroll Protection Program worked, but it's about to expire, so fiscal policy is crucial for an economic recovery.
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Tracking Unemployment in New York State

A June 3 report will provide more accurate figures about unemployment in New York state.
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Who are the Frontline Workers? Why Does Hazard Pay Make Sense?

ILR Professor Francine Blau is the lead author of an analysis, published by “ECONOFACT,” of frontline workers and their pay.
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What’s the best indicator of COVID-19’s impact on jobs?

The national jobs report issued monthly by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics includes numbers that help predict labor market behavior. ILR School Senior Extension Associate Erica Groshen, who served as bureau commissioner, explains why the report is a go-to standard for understanding employment in the United States.
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Stress, Depression, and Front-line Trauma: Some Tips for Coping

Job loss and greater work loads for those who still are employed coupled with social distancing and economic uncertainty are taking a heavy toll on mental health. Read in-depth advice on strategies to deal with the stress and depression and to stay healthy.
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What Does the New Stimulus Package Mean for Workers?

Learn what is provided by the stimulus package and how it impacts the lives of working people.
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Another New Record for Weekly Unemployment Claims in New York State

Volume of new unemployment insurance claims in New York remains alarmingly high, driving the need for emergency relief measures.
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Federal Government Mandates COVID-19 Paid Leave

Detailed information to help understand the provisions of employment law specific to family and medical leave.
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Collective Bargaining and Contract Enforcement during the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis poses many issues not anticipated in existing collective bargaining agreements. We explain how new bargaining may be initiated by employers and unions.
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U.S. Government Mandates COVID-19 Paid Leave

The Federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act -- here's how it works.
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Tracking Employment Trends of Older Workers

ILR's Institute for Compensation Studies outlines a few realities of which older workers, employers and policymakers should be aware during the pandemic.
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Mapping Workers at Risk of Layoffs and Loss of Health Care

Which New York state residents are most likely to lose their jobs? Where do they live and what do they do?
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Wellness Considerations for Workers with Disabilities

Be well during the pandemic: you've "got this," but here are tips for averting vulnerabilities due to a disability.
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How the CARES Act Impacts Workers

Learn what the CARES Act does for for working people, low-income people and gig workers.
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Economic Impact of Coronavirus

ILR Visiting Scholar Erica Groshen, who served as commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, discussed on the “Capital Pressroom” radio program how the economy has been stunned by the coronavirus.
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Surprise Medical Bills Loom Over ER Visits

Surprise medical bills of huge proportions follow many emergency room visits. Private equity firms that increasingly control hospitals are often to blame and need to stop the practice, particularly during the pandemic, writes Professor Rose Batt.
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COVID-19 and the ADA

ILR’s Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability answers the most commonly asked questions about COVID-19 and the ADA.
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