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From the #MeToo movement, to the surge of anti-LGBTQI+ discrimination—unions face the challenge of how to tackle the impact of sexual harassment and gender-based violence on their members. The roots of gender discrimination and sexual violence are deeply embedded in workplace culture, as our workplaces are microcosms of society. Workers hold multiple dimensions of identity, and the intersection of these identities shapes the experience, impact, choice of strategy, and fear of retaliation when confronting these issues. Gender-based harassment is ubiquitous and has far-reaching effects on everything from workplace dynamics to larger issues of diversity and equity.

This 4 day training equips leaders with the tools they need to proactively challenge and influence cultural change. Day 1 presents frameworks and key concepts, Day 2 highlight LGBTQI+ specific workplace issues, mapping union readiness, and developing trainings interventions to address these issues. Day 3 focuses on the interventions of conflict resolution and groups/committees towards cultural change, while Day 4 teaches the tools of assessing organizational culture to support creating a full blueprint for your union or workplace. Unions, as worker representatives and employers themselves, are uniquely positioned to live up to their values of solidarity and workplace safety, and this learning cohort will support you to continue to apply these tools for change.


Approach & Features

This four-part workshop, which is part of a series will include short presentations, case studies, small group work, group discussions, and role play. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss real challenges they face with peers in the workshop. This workshop is open to union elected leaders, stewards, committee members, and union staff in the public and private sectors who are involved in union governance, operations, representational and educational roles. As a cohort, participants will receive ongoing Cornell support in implementing skills and strategies after the workshop. Cornell ILR Certificates of Participation awarded for attendance at all four session sessions. This program series is funded through public funding from New York State.

Course & Learning Objectives 

Day 1: June 1
Understand legal, social and union frameworks

  • Identify behaviors defined as sexual harassment, domestic or intimate partner violence within the legal frameworks of employment, safety and health, and collective bargaining.
  • Learn how to respond to gender based harassment and deal with the trauma and stress that come from these issues, through the lens of unions’ representational role and responsibility
  • Explore how multiple identities of those targeted influence the impact of the experience and choice of strategies, including looking at specific issues and strategies for LGBTQI workers

Day 2: June 2
Map across your workplace/union on these issues and apply training interventions around gender based harassment

  • Map needs and gaps in your union/workplace to promote cultural change.
  • Explore how training has been used as an intervention to raise issues, teach skills, and ensure accountability across organizational structures from members to E-Boards. Map and design your own training strategy.

Day 3: June 8
Apply strategies of conflict resolution and models of group and committee work

  • Determine types and sources of conflict, socialization, and values across your organization. Identify structures already in place to address them as well as considering alternative structures and approaches for your organization/union.
  • Learn lessons from groups and committees working to address gender equity, including engaging men as allies, peer support circles, and DEI committees. Explore how these models could apply to your workplace/union through union and community partnerships and resources.

Day 4: June 9
Utilize tools to measure workplace/union climate and design a blueprint for action

  • Apply models of participatory research, culture audits and educational needs assessments to center “survivor” and worker voice to capture the pulse of union culture, skills needed and methods to measure progress and change.
  • Design a blueprint of strategies for your union or workplace organization. Form a a learning cohort of workshop participant

Worker Institute Instructors

  • Director of Equity at Work Initiatives, Worker Institute

KC is the Director of Equity Initiative at the Worker Institute. Using an intersectional lens and a multi­disciplinary, equity centered and systems change approach, she has special

  • Director of Training and Curriculum Design, Equity and Worker Rights, Worker Institute

Arianna Schindle joins the Worker Institute as an Extension Associate for Training and Organizational Development under the Worker Rights and Equity Team.

Guest Instructors

  • President of Rodney L. Brown, Consultant, LLC
He is a Consultant, Trainer and Educator that has extensive experience providing creative and innovative solutions for organizations in the public and private sectors.

  • Trainer & Educator. CONNECT Training Institute/Community Empowerment Program
He is a full-time Trainer and Educator for the CONNECT Training Institute (CTI) and CONNECT’s Community Empowerment Program (CEP).

  • Authorized Trainer-OSHA
  • Founding Member of Action OSH
They are a social worker and organizer dedicated to the transformation of labor and the development of dignified, just and safe workplaces.

  • Director of Conflict Programs
  • Scheinman Institute, ILR
She is the Director of Conflict Programs for the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution at the Cornell University ILR School.

  • Co-Director of Prevention Education at Vera House
He is a community educator and radio host who also leads the 12 Men Model where men are invited to take a leadership role and recruit other men to join them in a pledge to never support, commit or remain silent about abuse.

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