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Patricia Campos-Medina

Executive Director, The Worker Institute

Dr. Campos-Medina is a researcher and labor educator focusing on the intersection of race, immigration status and worker’s rights. She is a Senior Extension Associate and the Executive Director of the Worker Institute at the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University where she leads research, policy innovation and training to advance worker justice, collective bargaining rights and the interest of workers in today’s economy and society.

Dr. Campos-Medina is considered a policy expert on workplace and labor issues, women rights, voting rights, immigrant worker justice, immigration policy and US trade relations. She is community leader serving as President of Latina Civic and as a board member of PODER PAC, two organizations advancing women representation in state legislatures and in the US Congress. She is the Chair for NJ Citizen Action PAC, an organization advancing policy reform for NJ poor & working families. She also serves as a board member of the NJ Working Families Party and of the Latino Action Network (LAN). She is an Advisory Committee Member for ELLA Wins/Ready to Run, a training  program at the Center for American Women in Politics preparing women to lead in the public sphere. She is also Visiting Fellow at the Eagleton Institute, Rutgers University-New Brunswick.

Dr. Campos-Medina has been recognized by several publications as one of New Jersey’s most influential political leaders. She holds a PhD from Rutgers University and a BS and MPA from Cornell University.

Follow her on social media @DrCamposMedina

Patricia Campos-Medina, PhD
Executive Director, The Worker Insitute at Cornell University ILR School