Visiting Fellows

Phillipp Geiler

Philipp Geiler

Country of origin: Germany Visiting period: March-May 2019 Faculty sponsor: Kevin Hallock, Ph.D. Email:

Background and Previous Experience

Philipp Geiler is an Associate Professor at EMLYON Business School in France. He received his Ph.D. in 2012 from Tilburg University, the Netherlands. In his dissertation, Essays on Executive Remuneration Contracting: Managerial Power, Corporate Payout, and Gender Discrimination, Philipp investigated whether executive compensation is effective in stimulating rational managerial decision-making that focuses on shareholder value while simultaneously preventing excessive rent extraction. He also studied how equity-based compensation of CEOs influences the payout decision of their firms and to what extent these decisions are driven by taxes. Lastly, he examined whether UK corporations discriminate against women in top corporate jobs.

In his further work, Philipp explored the relationship between corporate governance and fraud and investigated new determinants (physical appearance) of corporate director elections. Overall, Philipp Geiler's work has a strong focus on executive compensation with links to both corporate governance and empirical corporate finance.

Current Research at ILR School

During his visit at the Cornell ILR School, Philipp is examining the direct effect of a particular task-specific skill (acquisition experience) on the compensation of both executive and non-executive directors in the UK as well as contingencies that strengthen this relation. Moreover, Philipp is looking into the broader consequences of CEO pay ratios, thereby investigating whether they could undermine financial performance by lowering employee productivity.

            Philipp Geiler