Labor Leadership Skills Certificate Program

The Labor Leadership Skills Program is designed for union members, leaders and activists. The workshops are intended to increase their ability to successfully respond to new conditions confronting organized labor.

Students learn valuable skills that are applicable in day-to-day functions. The materials combine academic and practical instruction with real-life experiences shared by a diverse group of students. Participants increase their understanding of labor unions and the legal context in which unions function; the rights and obligations of members and leaders, and future prospects for American workers in union and non-union workplaces.

Students interested in earning the Labor Leadership Skills Certificate must complete the following four workshops: Steward Training, Basic Negotiations Skills for Collective Bargaining, Costing Out Contracts and Effective Communications. These workshops utilize active participation, technology solutions and provide step‐by‐step details with specific examples whenever possible.

Buffalo Boot Camp

Virtual instructor-led boot camp training sessions utilizing Zoom and Canvas learning management system will include four consecutive days having a different topic or skill set. These classes will deliver social learning, engagement and practice gained without the limitations of a physical classroom.  You may take workshops individually at ($199 per day) or purchase the full boot camp for the discounted price of $597. Fee includes course materials. Those who are interested in registering into all four classes to obtain the discounted price of $597 should register here.

Boot Camp participants will receive the Cornell University ILR School Basic Labor Leadership Skills certificate upon completion.

Click on each course to view dates and individually register for each workshop offered during the Buffalo Boot Camp:

The time commitment for the on-line workshop is about 10 hours spread over a three week period.

For more information about this program, contact Art Wheaton at (716) 852-4191 x116 or email