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App-Workers Organizing: Global Perspectives

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Biker Argentina
Join us for a one-day international forum on the topic of policy and organizational solutions to the challenges of the "app-based" economy.

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Join us for a one-day international forum on the topic of policy and organizational solutions to the challenges of the "app-based" economy. 

The expansion of digital hiring platforms (e.g. Uber, Instacart) across the economy has disrupted the legal framework for labor and employment relations, giving rise to intense debate among labor advocates, policymakers, businesses, and scholars about how to provide protections for app-based workers. 

In this one day conference, stakeholders from across the United States and abroad will share their experiences and research on strategies for advancing worker protections and collective representation in the digital platform economy. 

Participants include representatives from labor groups that are currently engaged in efforts to organize or represent app-based workers in the United States and in foreign countries, as well as scholars who have conducted research on these issues.

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“I was disconnected, like fired, from Rappi for organizing a strike union with 3 other organizers. I have to work 12 hours a day to keep my platform score, so they give me work next week. For we have to buy a life insurance and civil responsibility insurance and sign in as independent contractor. ”
Rappi Worker from Venezuela

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