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This is a practical, how-to-workshop to give union negotiators and bargaining committee members the skills they need to prepare for contract negotiations.  Exercises are used throughout the workshop to illustrate how to calculate the projected costs of an agreement.

Key Topics

  • How to use the Consumer Price Index and measure real income
  • How to calculate percentage and dollar increase costs
  • Steps to costing out the union's demands
  • Practice as a mock bargaining unit costing out contract proposals

Approach and Features
This asynchronous online workshop utilizes costing exercises, group discussions and an extensive costing out role play. Participants can access the website 24 hours a day seven days a week for twenty one days when it is convenient for them. Participants do not have to be online on a specific date or time. Participants must log in on at least 6 different days over the three weeks to allow interaction with others in the workshop.  Participants are given a variety of exercises to calculate cost of living, benefits, pay increases and insurance premiums in a team setting.

Benefits to You and Your Organization
Participants benefit from working with a costing team and experience strategies for educating their membership and bargaining committee on the costs/benefits involved in a collective bargaining agreement.  Participants can build their confidence and skill level in a safe environment and gain feedback on their approach.

This workshop is part of the four-course Labor Leadership Skills Certificate Program, that also includes Costing Out a Contract, Basic Negotiation Skills, Steward Training and Effective Communication. Sign up for all four courses at a discounted rate of $597 (a $796 value) to earn your Labor Leadership Skills Certificate →

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