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Interest-Based Bargaining Strategies and Structures

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IBB teaches participants how to frame negotiation as joint problem-solving to resolve each party's underlying issues, needs, and concerns. This interactive workshop provides a systematic process for putting IBB principles into practice in collective bargaining and grievance handling to generate creative options to solve tough issues and problems.

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Interest-based bargaining frames negotiations in terms of shared problem to solve-resolving each party's underlying issues, needs and concerns. This workshop provides a systematic process for putting interest-based negotiation principles into practice in collective bargaining, grievance handling, and day-to-day conflicts. You will assess how organizations' bargaining practices can be more effective in reaching lasting agreements that improve the working relationship. 


  • Learn techniques to generate creative options to solve tough problems
  • Learn to use frameworks to incorporate problem-solving into bargaining
  • ​Learn discussion processes that surface underlying needs and interests


Approach and Features

Role-play, group work and case studies will develop skills for assessing bargaining interests and joint problem solving. Video simulations will demonstrate how to frame interests as opposed to positions during bargaining.


Key Topics

  • Effective issue discussion processess
  • Information gathering and benchmarking strategies
  • Using the negotiation process to create innovative contract language
  • Buidling a productive, ongoing labor-management relationship

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