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The Employment Law Mediator Training

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Intensive 4.5 half-day training program that equips participants. Help participants practice the skills to facilitate the process; CLE accredited.

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This intensive training program equips participants with knowledge and skills essential for successful employment mediation. A comprehensive blend of substantive law and training in mediation process skills prepares participants to become qualified mediators for employment disputes.

The Employment Law Mediator Training program focuses first on employment law that is applicable to employment mediation, then on in-depth role-playing to help you learn and practice the skills to facilitate the process.

Part I: Asynchronous knowledge building will take place over the month leading up to the one-week synchronous training.

Part II: Synchronous sessions

  • Monday: Full group opening session
  • Tuesday – Thursday: Each person will participate in at least 3 role-plays, approximately 1–1.5 hours each (this will total 3–4.5 hours/participant). These will be scheduled during the hours of 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET.
  • Friday: Full group closing session

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