Steward Training: Problem-Solving in the Workplace (online) (OLLB112)

This tools-building workshop emphasizes the rights of stewards/committee persons in resolving disputes in the workplace.  The right to information, the duty of fair representation, and member’s right to representation of their Weingarten rights will be covered.  Participants will learn how to protect the grievance process, the equality principle, the seven tests of just cause, and how to simplify grievance writing.

Key Topics

  • Basics of labor law
  • Sound grievance procedures
  • The investigation
  • Writing the grievance

Approach and Features
This asynchronous online workshop utilizes role plays, group discussions and a mock grievance meeting. Participants can access the website 24 hours a day seven days a week for twenty one days when it is convenient for them.  Participants do not have to be online on a specific date or time.  Participants must log in on at least 6 different days over the three weeks to allow interaction with others in the workshop.  Participants are given a variety of scenarios and situations and decide how they would best handle the situation.

Benefits to You and Your Organization
Participants benefit from examples and determine best practices from various unions and sectors.  Participants can build their confidence and skill level in a safe environment and gain feedback on their approach.

This workshop is part of the four-course Labor Leadership Skills Certificate Program, that also includes Costing Out a Contract, Basic Negotiation Skills, Steward Training and Effective Communication. Sign up for all four courses at a discounted rate of $597 (a $796 value) to earn your Labor Leadership Skills Certificate →


Art C Wheaton

Arthur Wheaton is an industry education specialist based in the Cornell University ILR School office in Buffalo, New York. He is a former AFSCME union steward and local union executive board member. Art has more than 15 years experience as a labor educator teaching collective bargaining, negotiations, and conflict resolution for unions and management. He also has extensive expertise in international labor union and management research and is a resource person of the ILO and the European Foundation Living and Working Conditions. Art has a master’s degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources.



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