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The objective of this course is to teach communication skills needed at all levels of leadership in the local union: running and participating in membership meetings; executive board meetings; steward meetings; small group leadership, internal union conflict resolution; diversity/inclusion issues; public speaking and handling the media. Students will practice and receive coaching on these vital skills in a safe setting and receive constructive feedback. Key topics include: Online communications as a union building strategy; developing online classes using Canvas and presentations using Zoom or PowerPoint; public speaking; Effective Zoom or Digital meetings; developing media strategies.

Key Topics

·         How to use Zoom to allow more participation in your union with busy schedules

·         How to reach members using distance learning tools

·         How to deliver your message to targeted audiences—and how to equip fellow workers with crucial skills

·         How to provide education and training using distance learning tools and learning management systems like Canvas

Approach and Features

This class will be highly participatory along with a focus on the tools to provide effective communications for working people.  Assignments are designed to help build your work related projects with tools you can use in your job. Each week participants will drive class discussions using demonstrations on communications problems they face at work with help from classmates, instructor feedback and relevant readings and resource videos.

How Will You Benefit?

This course provides an opportunity to practice and improve your communication skills with students and union leadership from across the country in various public sector, private sector and building trades environments. Your organization will benefit from learning lessons in a safe environment.

This course is a part of the Cornell ILR Online Labor Studies Program and upon completion you will earn 3.0 credits that can be used towards a Certificate of Labor Studies or an Advanced Certificate of Labor Studies. 


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