Managing With Labor's Values - Part 1: Helping Your Staff to Succeed (LB550)

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Can you be an effective manager while staying true to the values of the labour movement? The answer is emphatically: yes!  Not only is it possible to manage staff without compromising on values, it is critical that managers at unions and social justice organizations get the training they need to become effective leaders and make the best use of limited resources. In this workshop, participants learn techniques for helping their staff succeed, keep staff accountable and respond appropriately to common staff management issues while honoring the values of the labour movement.

Key Topics & Outcomes

  • How managing in a union is unique
  • Get the best out of staff without being a “boss”
  • Assessing & adjusting management style to specific situations
  • Dealing with different behavioral styles
  • Giving effective feedback, coaching
  • Prerequisites for accountability

Approach & Features

This two day workshop will include short presentations, case studies, small group work, group discussions and role play.  Participants will have an opportunity to discuss real issues and with which they faced and with their peers in the workshop. This workshop is open only to leaders and staff directors with significant supervisory/managerial responsibilities who are based at labour unions or social justice organizations.

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