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September 2023

The Economic Stakes of the UAW Strike
‘Crisis’: Dallas has more than 3,400 vacancies on city staff
As Trump woos Detroit unions, Democrats urge Biden to join UAW strikers
What the UAW strike could mean for labor conditions
Could the UAW strike last 11 weeks? It could be even longer.
How to increase representation of women in NJ politics
Gleeson, Lyon Lead Project Studying Labor Migration Programs
Center for Applied Research on Work Launching
Climate Change Threatens Fashion Industry
In the Autoworkers’ Strike, One Side Has the Higher Ground
UAW strike limits damage to Detroit 3 — for now
Biden pressures automakers as he wades more deeply into UAW strike
Cornell's Alexander Colvin on UAW Strike
Balance of Power 09/15/2023
Bloomberg Markets 09/15/2023
UAW strike spares WNY plants – for now
Courtyard Commemorates Beloved Leader
Tech Fears Are Showing Up on Picket Lines
Whatever the UAW Strike Outcome, Elon Musk Has Already Won
As Biden backs striking autoworkers, Trump attacks union leader
UAW strike: 'Pay is a priority' for auto workers, professor says
American manufacturing is coming back. So are strikes.
In the Auto Workers Strike, One Side Has the Higher Ground
Experts weigh implications of UAW strike strategy
For some striking workers, small can be mighty

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