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September 2023

UAW expands strikes against GM, Stellantis
Biden Joins UAW Picket Line in Michigan
CNBC Daily Open: Summer of discontent
Bloomberg Markets 09/22/2023
UAW’s Old Guard Is Both a Blessing and a Curse
Threat of child care cliff looms in California
The child care industry is on the cusp of a crisis
Why the UAW is fighting so hard for these 4 key demands in the auto strike
Autoworkers here ready to strike if UAW gives the word
ILR Hosts Albany Policymakers to Show Impact of State Funding
A government shutdown would stifle flow of economic data
Local Starbucks workers get national hearing on unionizing
Writers, UAW, UPS strikes: Impact on economy
What Is Scabbing During Hollywood Strikes?
UAW workers join the hot labor summer
Biden aides try to quell tension with UAW as Trump plans Detroit trip

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