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July 2024

Reliability of U.S. Economic Data Is in Jeopardy, Study Finds
Jane F. McAlevey, Who Empowered Workers Across the Globe, Dies at 59
How I Hacked My Life by Saying Yes to Everything
ILR’s Early International Path Chronicled
Belot Research Investigates Employment Match Quality

June 2024

M.S. Degree a Conduit for Making Positive Change for Workers
Kahn’s Curiosity about Workers Led to Career
ILR Announces Six New Faculty
CT lawmakers sustain Lamont's 2024 bill vetoes
Faculty Promotions Announced
Amazon Labor Union Cements Teamsters Alliance
Abowd Honored for Advancing Computing Field
Scheinman Institute Facilitating Pandemic Gear Supply Chain Improvements
“Make the Most” Mindset Leads Kwon ’24 to Her Homeland
Bruyère Educates Saudi Officials on Disability Rights
What the Teamsters Team-up Means for the Amazon Labor Union
How did the closely watched jobs report get its start?
Kheel Exhibit Honors Labor Champion “Ahead of Her Time”
2024 Taft Award Winners Announced

May 2024

Starbucks resumes bargaining amid fresh wave of unionized stores
Who’s Afraid of an AI Jobs-Apocalypse? Not America, Apparently
From ILR to a Nuclear Sub
UAW Has Path to Reverse Mercedes Loss Under New Labor Standard
Aristotle, AI and the Data Scientist
Alabama Mercedes-Benz Workers Reject UAW
A Safety Check for OpenAI

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