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November 2023

U.A.W. Announces Drive to Organize Nonunion Plants
Rod Watson: State of union linked to fate of unions
Data, AI and business empowerment lead 2024 HR tech forecasts
The origins of America’s consumer-driven economy
Berlin Nightclub closes after 40 years amidst union boycott
Custodian to National Union Leader: an ILRie’s Journey
Workers At GM Ratify Contract In Win For US Auto Union
Yes, You Can Get Better at Saying No
Groat-Alpern 2024 Awards Announced
Two HR vets named as 2023 NAHR Fellows
Penn's donor backlash raises questions about how much influence philanthropists should have
Wendy Strobel Gower Challenges Assumptions at Work
Unionized Starbucks workers will miss out on some benefits
What will HR leadership look like in 2024?
Skipping robust engagement surveys? Why your org may suffer
U.S. economy adds 150,000 jobs in October, slower but solid growth

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