On-Campus Recruiting and Engagement

2015 ILR Career Fair

The ILR Office of Career Services (OCS) offers a wide array of opportunities for employers in all sectors to engage with students in meaningful ways. Please contact Johanna (Jo) Tuttle, ILR Employer Connections Specialist, at ilrcareerrecruiting@cornell.edu for more details and information.

On-Campus and Virtual Interviews

Employers can request either on-campus or virtual interviews through our office. Our staff will manage the logistics to ensure a seamless recruiting experience.

Virtual Internships and Micro-Internships

Employers have the opportunity to host ILR students for a variety of experiences to support their professional development.

  • Summer Micro-Internships
    Summer Internships
    Semester-long Credit Internships

On-Campus or Virtual Engagement Events

To avoid conflicts with other events and to ensure space is available, all employers interested in hosting campus interviews, information sessions, or any other type of engagement with students, must communicate with Jo Tuttle at ilrcareerrecruiting@cornell.edu.

  • Information Sessions: Employers can connect with larger groups of students and educate them about their organizations and positions.

  1. Two tracks offered: 5:00-6:30 p.m. or 6:30-8:00 p.m. (in-person and virtual)

  2. Based on student feedback, successful sessions last approximately 45 minutes for the formal presentation, with additional time for questions, conversation, and networking.

  3. In-person sessions are held in the ILR Conference Center (reservations will be initiated by OCS) and cannot held in the classroom building.

  • Office Hours: In lieu of group Information Sessions (or as follow-up to a session), employers may choose to conduct these one-on-one or smaller-group chats regarding their organizations and programs. These should not be formal interviews, but rather informal discussions. Employers typically commit three to four hours, broken down into 15-30-minute intervals.

Post Jobs/Internships

Employers may post opportunities (with or without interview schedules) through our on-line system, Handshake. Some employers opt to include (or add) an interview schedule to convert a posting into an On-Campus Recruiting experience. For positions requiring 5+ years of experience, send descriptions to Jo Tuttle to share on the ILR Alumni Association LinkedIn page.

Career Fairs

Employers have the opportunity to recruit Cornell students for full-time and internship opportunities at two unique Career Fairs.

The ILR Career Fair in the fall focuses on corporate human resources, labor relations, HR consulting, and other opportunities.

The Social Justice Career Fair in the spring brings representatives from labor unions and other advocacy organizations to campus.

EXPLORE ILR Careers: Shadowing and Short-term Projects

EXPLORE ILR Careers offers terrific opportunities for employers to support ILR students' career interests while increasing their brand presence on campus.

The Field Shadowing Program is designed primarily for first-year undergraduate ILR students (freshmen and transfer students). It is a one-day shadowing program that provides an invaluable opportunity for participants to explore diverse ILR-related career fields, gain firsthand work exposure, and network with alumni/sponsors.

Career Exploration Project is designed specifically for sophomores, juniors, seniors, and first-year MILRs. Opportunities typically last two to three weeks and are intended for participants to explore a particular industry to develop on-the-job experience through a short-term assignment with a project sponsor.