Host Internships and Micro-Internships

Patrick Cronin

Virtual Summer Internships

Virtual summer experiences are a great way to manage your internship program, without having to bring students on site. For little cost, technology can help employers develop positive working relationships with the student, introduce them to the culture that surrounds the workplace, and provide an instructional and meaningful experience.  

Since location is no longer a concern, employers can open up to a diverse pool of applicants. Plus, this generation of college students are very tech savvy and are comfortable working on virtual platforms. Post open opportunities on Handshake. If you’re interested in interviewing on campus for these roles, contact Johanna (Jo) Tuttle, Employer Connections Specialist, at


Micro-Internships are short-term projects, consisting of a few hours to four weeks' worth of work. They are a great way to address projects that have been set aside and need attention or to support new priorities.

Micro-internships help employers assess future candidates and build their talent pipeline with the ILR School.


  • Examples of assignments include:
  1. Benchmark best practices across industry  
  2. Reconfiguration or management of databases
  3. Data clean-up and analysis to drive decision-making
  4. Support recruitment efforts for select business units
  5. Management of website and social media for brand presence
  6. Collection, analysis, summary and report of critical information and trends

Posting Micro-Internships

Follow the steps below to post your Micro-Internships in Handshake.

  • Job title: Start with “Micro-Internship:”
  • Job Type: Internship  
  • Duration: Temporary/Seasonal
  • School years: Set up opportunities as open to all class years, including those graduating in 2020.

Semester-long Internships

The ILR Credit Internship Program affords qualified ILR juniors and seniors the unique opportunity to gain significant professional experience while also receiving a full semester’s credit.

Additional Opportunities

Interested in hosting a shadowing opportunity or short-term career exploration project? Check out our EXPLORE ILR Careers program.




Legal Considerations of Internships
When considering students for seasonal and short-term opportunities, employers must comply the Department of Labor’s Fact Sheet #71: Internship Programs Under the Fair Labor Standards Act.