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Post Jobs/Internships

Employers may post opportunities (with or without interview schedules) through our on-line system, Handshake. Some employers opt to include (or add) an interview schedule to convert a posting into an On-Campus Recruiting experience. For positions requiring 5+ years of experience, send descriptions to Angela Shurtleff ( to share on the ILR Alumni Association LinkedIn page.

On-Campus & Virtual Interviews

Employers can request either on-campus or virtual interviews through our office. Our staff will manage the logistics to ensure a seamless recruiting experience.

The ILR Office of Career Services hosts an active on-campus recruiting program managed through Handshake. Employers find on-campus visits to be a very effective way to identify prospective summer interns and full-time hires.

We can coordinate in-person or virtual interview schedules. If interested in other recruiting activity, such as information sessions and office hours, please visit On-Campus Recruiting and Engagement.

The Fall 2022 calendar runs from September 6 until November 30 (ILR specific); Spring 2022 runs from January 23 until May 5 (spring dates refer to Cornell Career Services and may be updated for ILR). For fall recruiting, interviews for full-time and internship positions can begin on September 19 (for the ILR Career Fair participants) or September 26 (if not attending).

1. Request Interview Dates

Please request your interview dates using Handshake, and select ILR Office of Career Services as the career center. Once the reservation request is complete, a confirmation via e-mail will be sent.

A standard interview day is 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., with two 15-minute breaks and a 1-hour lunch break. Upon request, schedules may be adjusted to add additional interview slots by starting the schedule earlier, removing 15-minute breaks, or shortening the lunch break. If you recruited last year, please complete the hiring report form, or upload a spreadsheet that you have prepared for internal use.

2. Upload Your Job Description to Handshake

Once the reservation has been confirmed, employers should post job descriptions online in Handshake and notify Angela Shurtleff at The job postings will only be visible to students once they have been attached to the related interview schedules. It is recommended the postings be uploaded soon after confirmation since students frequently check Handshake postings to gauge fall recruitment activity.

3. Review Candidates and Select Students for Interview Schedules

Within Handshake, the “Timeline” for the interview schedule outlines resume submission deadline, timeframe for review of applications, and candidate sign-up dates. Recruiters should select primary and alternate candidates at least 48 hrs hours prior to primary sign-up start date indicated in the Handshake Timeline.
Indicate “Make Primary” for all students desired (or chosen) for interviews. The number of “primary” candidates should match the total number of interview slots*. In addition, select at least five “alternate” candidates. Selection of alternates will ensure a full interview schedule.        

*30-minute interviews=13 interview slots, 45-minute interviews=9 slots, 60-minute interviews=6 slots. 

4. Changes to the Interview Schedules or Application Review Time

Although Handshake allows for employers to directly make changes to interview schedules, it is preferred that Angela Shurtleff makes the requested changes. This process will prevent potential conflicts with competing interview schedules. Changes can only be made prior to selection of primary candidates.

Application submission deadlines can be extended but doing so will shorten the review period for employers. Candidate sign-up times cannot be changed.

On-Campus & Virtual Events

To avoid conflicts with other events and to ensure space is available, all employers interested in hosting campus interviews, information sessions, or any other type of engagement with students, must communicate with Angela Shurtleff at

Information Sessions

Employers can connect with larger groups of students and educate them about their organizations and positions.

  1. Two tracks offered: 5:00-6:00 p.m. or 6:30-7:30 p.m. (in-person and virtual)

  2. Based on student feedback, successful sessions last approximately 20 minutes for the formal presentation, with additional time for questions, conversation, and networking.

  3. In-person sessions are held in the ILR Conference Center (reservations will be initiated by OCS) and cannot held in the classroom building.

Office Hours

In lieu of group Information Sessions (or as follow-up to a session), employers may choose to conduct these one-on-one or smaller-group chats regarding their organizations and programs. These should not be formal interviews, but rather informal discussions. Employers typically commit three to four hours, broken down into 15-30-minute intervals.

Career Fairs

Employers have the opportunity to recruit Cornell students for full-time and internship opportunities at two unique Career Fairs.

The ILR Career Fair in the fall focuses on corporate human resources, labor relations, HR consulting, and other opportunities.

The Social Justice Career Fair in the spring brings representatives from labor unions and other advocacy organizations to campus.


ilrcareerrecruiting@cornell.eduEmployers have the opportunity to host ILR students for a variety of experiences to support their professional development.

Summer Internships

Summer experiences are a great way to manage your internship program. Summer internships can help employers develop positive working relationships with the student, introduce them to the culture that surrounds the workplace, and provide an instructional and meaningful experience.  

Since internships can be in-person or virtual, employers can open up to a diverse pool of applicants. Post open opportunities on Handshake. If you’re interested in interviewing on campus for these roles, contact Angela Shurtleff, Employer Connections Specialist, at


Micro-Internships are short-term projects, consisting of a few hours to four weeks' worth of work. They are a great way to address projects that have been set aside and need attention or to support new priorities.

Micro-internships help employers assess future candidates and build their talent pipeline with the ILR School.

Intern work hours: Whether in-person or virtual, the ideal work hours should align with those of the supervisor or mentor assigned to work with the intern(s) and should not exceed 40-hr work week. When considering students for seasonal and short-term opportunities, employers must comply with the Department of Labor’s Fact Sheet #71: Internship Programs Under the Fair Labor Standards Act.   

Supervisor role: Student should be assigned a manager or point person who will serve as their supervisor for the given project and timeframe. The supervisor can serve to ensure the project goals are being met while providing guidance and mentorship to the student.   

Examples of assignments include:

  1. Benchmark best practices across industry  
  2. Reconfiguration or management of databases
  3. Data clean-up and analysis to drive decision-making
  4. Support recruitment efforts for select business units
  5. Management of website and social media for brand presence
  6. Collection, analysis, summary and report of critical information and trends

Posting Micro-Internships

Follow the steps below to post your Micro-Internships in Handshake.

  • Job title: Start with “Micro-Internship:”
  • Job Type: Internship  
  • Duration: Temporary/Seasonal
  • School years: Set up opportunities as open to all class years

Summer Posting/Hiring Timeline & Process  

Middle of April:  

  • Identify potential roles, managers, projects, and compensation to develop internship posting(s). Partner with Angela Shurtleff, Employer Connections Specialist, to post the role to Handshake (Cornell’s job/internship posting system) and confirm whether we help coordinate the interview schedule.   

End of April:  

  • Finalize any details for posting to be shared with students and have postings “live” in Handshake. Notify Angela Shurtleff of position being posted to Handshake.

  • Open opportunities marketed to students by ILR OCS.   

First Week of May:  

  • Recommended deadline for applications.

Middle of May:  

  • Conduct interviews of candidates. Make offers as decisions are made. Notify Angela Shurtleff once students have accepted the offers.   

June-August 20: 

  • Recommended time frame in which to host micro-internship(s) (spanning a few hours to four weeks), which coincides with our students’ summer break. Based on the chosen candidates’ schedules, earlier start dates and later end dates could be options.  


Semester-long Internships

Host talented ILR undergraduate students through the ILR Credit Internship Program for a semester-long, full-time internship to help build your talent pipeline and support students in their professional development. 

EXPLORE ILR Careers: Shadowing and Short-term Projects

EXPLORE ILR Careers offers terrific opportunities for employers to support ILR students' career interests while increasing their brand presence on campus.

The Field Shadowing Program is designed primarily for first-year undergraduate ILR students (freshmen and transfer students). It is a one-day shadowing program that provides an invaluable opportunity for participants to explore diverse ILR-related career fields, gain firsthand work exposure, and network with alumni/sponsors.

Career Exploration Project is designed specifically for sophomores, juniors, seniors, and first-year MILRs. Opportunities typically last two to three weeks and are intended for participants to explore a particular industry to develop on-the-job experience through a short-term assignment with a project sponsor.

To learn more about how to provide one of these opportunities, contact, or complete the online form to submit an opportunity