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The ILR School prepares leaders who are at the forefront of advancing the world of work, informing policy, and improving the lives of working people locally, nationally, and globally.

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Certificate of Labor Studies

certificate programs / labor studies

Photo: Labor Studies

The Cornell ILR Online Labor Studies Program provides busy union activists with an opportunity to take college credit courses without regard to their location or work schedules.

Advanced Collective Bargaining

certificate programs / collective bargaining

Photo: Collective Bargaining

The Advanced Collective Bargaining Certificate is for graduates of Cornell ILR School’s Collective Bargaining Certificate and experienced labor relations professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills.

Arbitration Advocacy

certificate programs / Arbitration

Photo: Arbitration Advocacy

From the perspective of both the union and management, participants practice how to develop a clear and effective theory of the case, create a proposed issue statement to be presented at the hearing, identify witnesses and evidence and prepare opening statements.

Advanced Employee Relations and Investigations

certificate programs / employee relations

Photo: Advance Employee Relations and Investigations

Through real-world based instruction, learn to handle employee situations, coach and guide managers, improve performance, develop emotional intelligence, leverage problem solving techniques, and improve facilitation and communication skills.

Collective Bargaining

certificate programs / collective bargaining

Photo: Collective Bargaining

This certificate provides a comprehensive overview of the collective bargaining process from pre-bargaining preparation to final sign-off.

Contract Administration

certificate programs / contract administration

Photo: Contract Administration

Managing staff and operations within the confines of a collective bargaining agreement requires a full understanding of contract terms, legal principles, and grievance procedures.

Compensation Studies

certificates / compensation

Compensation plays an essential role in attracting and retaining the key talent you need in your organization. It’s important to understand how to leverage compensation in such a way that it benefits both the talented employees and the organization as a whole.

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Diversity and Inclusion Professionals

certificate programs / diversity

Photo: Diversity and Inclusion

Be prepared to embrace diversity and inclusion (D&I), not only as a means to enhance business performance, but also as a driving force for innovation and collaboration.

EEO Professionals

certificate programs / eeo

Photo: EEO Professionals

Understand the complex issues surrounding EEO/affirmative action laws and obligations of employers.

Human Resource Management

certificate programs / human resources

Build comprehensive knowledge and skills in essential HR fundamentals—from talent acquisition to total rewards. Practice demonstrating HR’s value and executing business-centric practices through case exercises and simulations.

Labor Leadership Skills Bootcamp

certificate programs / labor leadership

Photo: Labor Leadership

Earn your certificate and build essential leadership, negotiation and communication skills from your home or office with convenient online courses with a flexible schedule.

Labor Leadership Skills - Online

certificate programs / labor leadership

Photo: Labor Leadership

Ready to make a difference in your union, organization, or company? Want to discover how you can become more involved and understand your role at a deeper level?

Leadership Essentials

certificate programs / human resources

Photo: Leadership Essentials

Come to embody the very competencies you seek to instill in others by exploring your strengths and areas for development in managing others. Learn to think strategically when making decisions and delegating work.

Strategic Human Resources

certificate programs / human resources

Photo: Leading Talent Optimization

Help business leaders make better business and talent decisions, and deliver the HR perspective on what it takes to grow the business and create an organization where talent thrives.

Managing Organizational Conflict

certificate programs / organizational conflict

Photo: Managing Organizational Conflict

This certificate series will equip you with the analytical frameworks and skills to play a productive role in managing your organization’s conflicts.

Professional Neutral Development Program

certificate programs / neutral development

Photo: Professional Neutral Development Program

Corporate leaders and attorneys agree that there is a shortage of qualified dispute resolution professionals available to resolve complex commercial, international and employment law disputes.