Managing Course and Class Information

Professional programs (courses and classes) are listed on the Public Offerings Page, Program Calendar, and in Manual course listing blocks throughout the website. This documentation will explain how that happens and how you as a course admin can manage related information.

A course is a general description of a program, including title, course number, course description, and price.

A class is a specific session of the course, including date, location, and instructors - information that changes from one session to the next. In some cases, information that is specified for a course can be overridden for a specific class; for example the price might be different for one of the class sessions.

The information listed on the website is stored in two places:

  1. the registration system, called SDC, and
  2. on the website in Drupal.

To have a program display on the web you must follow these steps, which are described in detail in the other sections: