Add a Course or Class to SDC

Before a program can appear on the website, the course and class information must be added to the SDC registration system. The information that goes into SDC can only be changed in that system; it can't be changed in Drupal.

Contact Jasminy Joe ( to add the course or class to SDC, and provide her with the following information:


  • Title, e.g. "Contemporary Labor Issues"
  • Course level - Based on the level, Jasminy will set the course number, e.g. LS264.
  • Price
  • Account number
  • Credit hours
  • Whether the course is on demand, i.e. an online course that the student can take at any time

Class information that Jasminy always needs

  • Course number that the class goes with
  • Dates and times
  • Registration deadline (if it's not the first date of the class)
  • Faculty (instructors)
  • Address/location, including building

Class Information that Jasminy needs if it differs from the corresponding course information

  • Title
  • Price
  • Whether the class is online
  • Whether the class is on demand
  • Note: The Class ID gets set automatically in SDC.

After Jasminy adds the course or class to SDC, it will automatically be imported to Drupal overnight. The import adds the course or class information to Drupal, but it will not appear on the website until the course admin completes the following steps in Drupal: