Update Class Information

To Edit a Class:

  • From the Public Offerings, Filter/Search results, or a course detail page: hover over the class date, click the Gear icon Gear icon on the right, and then click Edit. Be sure that you're on the gear icon that's next to the date; the one above it is for editing the course, not the class.
  • Alternatively, click on the Content link in the black Drupal menu bar, then:
    1. Under "Show only items where", choose type "SDC Class"
    2. Click "Filter". That will show a list of all the classes. The list is paginated, showing 50 per screen.
    3. A reasonable approach to finding the class you need to edit is to click on the word "Title" in the gray header line to sort by title.
    4. If you're on the correct screen alphabetically, you can use "CTRL-F" to find the class title. Otherwise, scroll to the bottom and you'll see links to move to the other screens in the list.
    5. When you've located the class you need to edit, click the Edit link at the right.

What's on the "edit" page?

You will see all the information about the class. Each item is in a field, such as title, faculty, and so on. Many of the fields are the ones that Jasminy adds in SDC, and are imported to Drupal automatically. You will not be able to edit those fields. The other fields are the additional class information that gets added in Drupal. Those are the fields you can edit.

The following Class fields can be changed in Drupal:

  • Summary
    The "teaser". If this is blank, the Course teaser will be used. Fill it in only if it's different from the Course teaser. (To view the Summary field, click on the "Edit summary" link next to the word "Body".)

  • Body (Class Description)
    If this is blank, the Course description will be used. Fill it in only if it's different from the Course description.

  • Setting
    Setting refers to whether the course is taught in-person, online, or blended (a combination). If it is set to "None", the Course setting will be used. Only change the Class setting if it's different from the Course setting.