Update Faculty Information

To edit faculty/instructor information:

  • On course or class detail pages, hover over the instructor's name and click on the gear icon Gear icon, then click Edit.
  • Alternatively, click on the Content link in the black Drupal menu bar, then:
    1. Under "Show only items where", choose type "SDC Faculty"
    2. Click "Filter". That will show a list of all the instructors. The list is paginated, showing 50 per screen.
    3. A reasonable approach to finding the instructor you need to edit is to click on the word "Title" in the gray header line to sort by name.
    4. If you're on the correct screen alphabetically, you can use "CTRL-F" to find the instructor. Otherwise, scroll to the bottom and you'll see links to move to the other screens in the list.
    5. When you've located the instructor you need to edit, click the Edit link at the right.

What's on the "edit" page?

You will see all the information about the instructor. The person's name is set in SDC, and can't be changed in Drupal. Everything else gets updated in Drupal.

The following Faculty fields can be changed in Drupal:

None of the fields are required, but it is recommended that the bio be specified.

  • Body (Bio)
    Because of the way in which faculty bios are displayed, it is recommended that you keep the bio short. Three to five sentences is reasonable.

  • Thumbnail (photo of Instructor)

  • Title
    This is the person's title.

  • People Profile
    If the instructor has an ILR profile page: you may enter their name, and their title and image will automatically be pulled from their profile page.