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What is a petition?

On occasion, it may be necessary for undergraduates to request an exception to the school's regulations or permission for a course of action unconsidered in customary procedures. The petitioning process is the means to place requests before the ILR Faculty Committee on Academic Standards and Scholarships for a decision.

What situations warrant a petition?

Petitions may deal with situations such as adding or dropping courses after the deadline; registering in a semester for less than 12 credit hours or for more than 18 credit hours; for corrections or changes in academic records or academic standing.

How do I prepare a petition?


They are also available from the registrar and from the advisors in the OSS, room 101 Ives. Discussion of the situation that warrants a petition should occur before the petition is submitted. The Academic Standards Committee reviews petitions on a regular basis, usually within two weeks of their submission. The Committee's response will be delivered in writing.

When will I receive notification?

Petitions are often denied. Submitting a petition should not be regarded as equivalent to receiving permission for an exception to school or university rules and no action should be taken, or omitted, until the Committee response is received.