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"Good standing" requires that a student's academic record meets all of the following criteria at the end of each term:

  • an average of C (2.0) for the term's work, that must include a minimum of 8 letter graded credits;
  • no failing grades in any course, including Physical Education; and
  • a cumulative average of C (2.0) for all completed terms.

Failure to maintain good standing

If at the end of any term a student fails to maintain good standing or his/her overall academic performance is so marginal as to endanger the possibility of meeting School and University degree requirements, his/her record is reviewed by the Committee on Academic Standards and Integrity. The Committee at that time may decide upon a number of corrective alternatives including Warning, Required Leave of Absence or Required Withdrawal from the School.


A student may be placed on Warning for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Less than 2.0 semester average;
  • Less than 2.0 cumulative average;
  • One grade of F recorded for a semester;
  • Less than 8 graded credits completed in a semester.

Required Leave of Absence

A student is suspended from the School for one or two semesters, required to petition the Committee on Academic Standards and Integrity for permission to re-register, usually after completion of specified courses with a specified academic average in another program of study. A student may be required to take a Leave of Absence for academic reasons if he or she:

  • Fails to establish good standing during a semester on Warning;
  • Fails to attain a semester average of 2.0 after a record of Warning in any previous semester;
  • Fails two or more courses in a semester, or attains a term average below 1.0.

Required Withdrawal

A student is expelled from the School, not expected to re-register, by Committee judgment that the student's academic record warrants no confidence that degree requirements may be completed successfully.