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Prior to the official drop deadline(s) students may drop courses on Student Center. In order to drop an ILR core required course, you must meet with an advisor in the Office of Student Services (OSS), 101 Ives Hall. Some courses may require instructor consent to drop, in which case you can complete an add/drop form, have the instructor sign it and return the form to OSS, 101 Ives Hall, for processing.

Petitioning to drop a course after the official drop deadline

You may drop a course only if a petition to drop is approved by the Faculty Committee on Academic Standards and Scholarships. The ILR faculty agrees that you may leave a course if there are factors beyond your control (illness or injury) that prevent you from completing it. Not doing well in a course, by itself, is not regarded as a reason for dropping a course. Petition forms are available in OSS, 101 Ives Hall.

While awaiting approval of your petition

Petitions may be denied, so do not leave a course or stop attending until the petition has been approved and the drop has been recorded.


If the petition is approved - after the official drop deadline - the notation "W" will be entered on your record to show that you attended half of the course in that semester. If you register for the same course again at a later time, the W remains and a grade will be recorded for the second registration.