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Grade-point required

The Faculty has established the following numerical criteria of grade point average for the semester for Dean's List:

  • Freshmen: 3.3
  • Sophomores: 3.4
  • Juniors: 3.6
  • Seniors: 3.6

When is the determination made?

At the end of each semester, the Registrar calculates grade point averages and rank in class for all students in ILR.


You will receive notice from the Dean that you have attained Dean's List, and your University transcript will record the achievement, if your grade point average is at or above the average listed for your class, and if you have also met the following conditions:

  • you completed a minimum of 12 letter-graded credit hours in that semester;
  • you completed all of the courses for which you were registered after the conclusion of the Add-Drop Period (including Physical Education courses);
  • you meet the requirements for good academic standing (semester and cumulative averages of 2.0 or better).

Grade changes and incompletes

Calculation of Dean's List and class rank cannot be done over for all members of each class when a grade has been changed or an Incomplete course completed. Consequently, once done, the ranking remains as calculated until the end of the next semester and the next ranking.

Honors candidates

Students who are candidates for Graduation with Honors, and registered for ILR 4950, for which no grade is recorded in the Fall Term, continue to be eligible for Dean's List, so long as they meet the remaining requirements for eligibility.