Financial Issues

Employment of MILR students by the ILR School

Hourly employment

Some hourly employment, including work as a course assistant, course grader, office assistant or visit coordinator may be available, compensated at rates regulated by the University. Such compensation does not include tuition remission. The specific terms of this employment are flexible and determined by the office or faculty member offering the position.


In rare cases MILR students may be hired as teaching or research assistants, or to assist with administrative functions. Hiring decisions are based on the following criteria.

Assistantships are allocated first to M.S./Ph.D. students. If unfilled positions remain after making these appointments, the Graduate Office then seeks to match suitable MILR candidates with the positions. Generally speaking, this matching has the character of a typical job search and application process. There are both formal and informal components. On the formal side, faculty apply to the Graduate Office for assistants and usually designate a preferred person; similarly students apply for positions and may designate a desired supervisor. On the informal side, due to the changeable nature of the employment situation from semester to semester, students interested in a particular type of work are encouraged to contact (potentially) suitable faculty or administrators in case openings should become available.

Appointments are made for one semester. By default, appointments do not continue from semester to semester, although such continuation is not excluded, it is not guaranteed.

Compensation consists of tuition remission, student health insurance premium payment and a monetary stipend during a given semester. Fifteen to twenty hours of work per week is assumed.

Travel Grants for Conference Presentations

The Graduate Office will award a fixed Stipend of $100 to any student in the MS or PhD Program in the Field of ILR, in order to present a paper or poster at a professional conference or meeting. This award may be made once to a given student during a given fiscal year (July 1 - June 30). There is no assumption that any award will be made and awards may not be banked or carried over from year to year. To apply complete the online Travel Grant Application on the ILR School Graduate Degree Programs Website.