ILR Graduate Field Faculty

The Cornell University Faculty Code of Legislation sets forth the rules governing graduate education as established by the graduate faculty of Cornell University. The graduate faculty has jurisdiction over all graduate work and over all degrees beyond the first degree offered by any school or college of Cornell University. This jurisdiction extends both to research degrees (primarily the M.A., M.S., M.S./Ph.D., and Ph.D.) and to most professional degrees.

The ILR Graduate Field Faculty is comprised of members of the university faculty (typically with primary faculty appointments in ILR) including professors, associate professors, and assistant professors with the highest degree in their field. To be eligible for ILR Field Faculty Membership, a University faculty member must be actively engaged in University teaching and research in an established field of graduate education. A Ph.D. is routinely required. A member of the ILR Graduate Field Faculty may serve as chair or minor member of any special committee in any subject which he or she represents. ILR Graduate Field Faculty also serve as advisors for students in the professional degree programs. Field Faculty are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the various regulations and policies that apply to their programs.

The procedure for becoming a member of the Graduate Field of ILR is as follows. Each stage is contingent on the outcome of the previous one; no outcome is assumed in advance.

  • The candidate is proposed for Field membership by an existing Field member;
  • The candidate's home department (note: including ICL) makes a statement to the ILR Graduate Committee about the candidate's expected contribution to graduate activity in the Field, with supporting documentation;
  • The Graduate Committee makes a recommendation on the matter to the Director of Graduate Studies;
  • The Director of Graduate Studies nominates the candidate (for Field membership) to the Field as a whole;
  • The nomination is submitted to a vote of the membership of the Field; the outcome is decided by a simple majority of those voting; and
  • The nominee and result of the Field vote is submitted to the Dean and the General Committee of the Graduate School for final approval.

The Director of Graduate Studies (D.G.S.) is a member of the ILR field faculty and is responsible for carrying out the mandates of the University Graduate Committee and the ILR Graduate Committee. The D.G.S. is also responsible for communicating policies, procedures, and other graduate business to the members of the Graduate Field Faculty, students and staff. The D.G.S. convenes and presides over admissions committee and other graduate field meetings. The Director of Graduate Studies is elected by the ILR Field Faculty and serves for a term of three years.