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2021 Tracker Statistics

Labor Tracker Serves as Resource

Database which documented 265 work stoppages in 2021 that involved about 140,000 workers on strike for a combined 3.2 million days has tracked nearly 200 labor actions in 2022.

As labor unrest continues to surge, the ILR Labor Action Tracker founded in 2021 continues to provide nationwide information on strikes and other worker actions. It is considered by many to be the most comprehensive database for U.S. labor actions. 

So far this year, nearly 200 strikes and protests have been documented by the tracker. It’s an increase from the same 2021 time period. The database does not document union organizing campaigns and votes. 

The tracker’s 2021 annual report detailed what 140,000 striking American workers wanted – primarily strengthened safety protocols, pay and health care benefits

The tracker was founded to serve as an accurate benchmark for worker actions of any size; the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports only stoppages of 1,000 or more workers that last at least an entire shift.

Project lead John Kallas, Ph.D. ’23, is advised on the tracker by Eli Friedman, associate professor of international and comparative labor, and assisted on report research by Leonardo Grageda, M.I.L.R. ’22.