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map of United States with strike locations marked

Insights Offered by Experts and Tracker Data

ILR School management and labor experts who lend expertise throughout the year to journalists and the public are providing insight on trending issues of particular importance this Labor Day.

Based in Ithaca, New York City, Buffalo and elsewhere, they are commenting on return-to-office policies and mandates, the increase in union organizing and worker actions, how current economic conditions are impacting workers and other news.

This tip sheet reflects some of the areas they are discussing.

A sampling of ILR experts’ commentary in the media is available at ILR in the News.

The ILR Labor Action Tracker, considered by many to be the nation’s foremost database of strikes and walkouts, has recorded more than 500 labor actions across the nation since Jan. 1, 2021.

Continuously updated, it follows strikes, walkouts and other actions, and is a resource for the public, news organizations and academics.

Its 2021 annual report provides statistics on a labor surge that has been sustained into 2022.

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