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March 2023

Push to raise NYS minimum wage worries some businesses
Norfolk Southern CEO in the hot seat
Nabiha Qureshi ’23 Awarded Rangel Fellowship
Travel Worsens Poor Conditions For Rural Health Aides
The Perks Workers Want Also Make Them More Productive
Balance of Power

February 2023

Worker-Led Organizing Efforts: Independent Unions Explained
'Bare minimum Monday' marks latest quiet quitting trend
How to Use Predictable Laziness to Influence People at Work
The 2023 State Labor Power 100
Strikes Increased In 2022 As Workers Wielded Their Leverage
Strikes up 52% in 2022: Labor Action Tracker
AI in the workplace is already here. The first battleground? Call centers
Manhattan DA Unveils New Unit to Combat Wage Theft, Protect NYC Workers
What’s in a number?
Planet Money: Our 2023 valentines
Op-ed: Make the NY minimum wage a living wage
Labor unions confront Common Council again
Gleeson Authors Book on Migrant Worker Rights
You probably took a pay cut last year
Advocating for Worker Health and Safety in the NFL
Climate Jobs Institute Milestone Marked

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