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March 2022

Amazon union vote in Alabama could drag out amid contested ballots
The Need to Revamp Refugee Resettlement
ILR Announces Future of Work Fellowship Program
The Battle of Beaumont
Kheel Center’s Triangle Fire Site Honored
ILR Alumnus On Mission To Support Ukraine
Supply Chain in Chaos: What’s Ahead?
New Equitable Community Change Certificate Launched
Maine Lobster Traps Tell Cultural Story
What It's Really Like To Work For Grubhub?
“Vowels Are Your Best Friends”
Disney finds itself in balancing act with walkout threat
Do Unions Still Work?
Why do we care about “core” inflation?
Kheel Center Names Strassberg Grant Winners
ILR WIDE Launches
Tretter Re-Elected President of NFL Union
Envision Healthcare Hits the Skids
NFTA urged to increase drivers' wages, restore bus routes
Triangle Fire Book Talk is March 21
Temp Workers Benefit from Union-Management Tension
Kuruvilla Named Academic Fellow
The 10 most innovative dining companies of 2022

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