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ILR International Travel Grant

Each semester, ILR International Programs invites students to apply for a limited number of international travel grants aimed at supporting ILR-related activities abroad during the winter or summer break. These small grants are competitive and are only intended to subsidize a student's budget and should not be seen as an exclusive source of financing.


How much funding can I receive?

  • Awards are competitive and typically range from $500-$2,000* to cover the cost of a student's airline ticket.

*Awards may be considered taxable income.

Who can apply?

  • ILR undergraduate and graduate students can apply.
  • Travel must be completed while still registered as a full-time student.

When must the international activity take place?

  • These grants help support international activities that take place during the winter or summer break.

How do I know if my international activity meets the qualifications to apply for funding?

  • Funding is awarded on a competitive basis to support international activities that enhance a student's ILR education such as
    • international volunteer work with a group or organization engaged in activities broadly related to ILR's mission;
    • the international fieldwork component of a research project of honor's thesis;
    • presenting or serving as a panelist at an ILR-related global conference; and
    • a language immersion program for a language in which prior classroom study can be demonstrated.
  • Grants are not available for the following activities/items:
    • ILR credit internships;
    • ILR exchange programs;
    • ILR/UCD Semester in Dublin program;
    • other study abroad programs;
    • program tuition and fees; and
    • travel to a student's home country.
  • Grants are only awarded on an individual basis.  Group projects are not funded.  If more than one student applies for the same project, applications must be separate and will be decided on independently.



How do I apply?

  • To get advice on your proposed activity, or if you have questions about the application process, please contact Donna Ramil, Associate Director, ILR International Programs.
  • Complete the ILR International Travel Grant application (forthcoming).  As part of the application you will need to prepare the following:
    • A detailed description of the proposed activity, including an overview of how it will enhance or supplement your ILR education, your learning objectives/goals, expected outcome(s), etc.
    • A budget indicating the amount and proposed use of funds (max: $2,000)
      • Graduate students should not use this grant as a primary source of funding and must show other sources of support.
    • A letter from the host organization indicating willingness to accept the student for the proposed activity or from your project facilitator if doing honors thesis research
    • A letter of recommendation from an ILR faculty member
      • This letter should address the specific merits of your proposal, expected outcomes, and budget. Allow time for faculty to review your proposal well in advance of the deadline.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the ILR International Programs Faculty Committee. Awards will be made based on the depth and richness of the proposed activity and on relevancy to an ILR education.

If I am awarded a travel grant, what else do I need to do?

  • If granted an award, to comply with the University's Travel Policy, students applying for this grant will be asked to complete the Travel Registry Form or the ITART Form after award notification.
  • Students will be required to share a reflective summary (1-2 pages) of their project and document their experiences through photos, blogs, video clips and/or stories. Student documentaries will be posted on the ILR International Programs website.

Student Stories

Anna Wang Travels to Guangzhou, China

Anna Wang '17 travelled to Guangzhou, China, in support of an ILR honors thesis regarding modern youth worker consciousness in China.
Portrait of Anna Wang
Anna Wang Travels to Guangzhou, China

Courtney Noll Travels to Timor-Leste

Courtney Noll '20 traveled to Timor-Leste to understand how a USAID project intended to promote economic development by expanding the coffee industry has affected the lives of local coffee farmers.
portrait of Courtney Noll
Courtney Noll Travels to Timor-Leste

Jordan Brail Travels to Portugal

Jordan Brail '18 traveled to Porto, Portugal and worked as a squash coach for the ‘Escola de Squash do Porto’ (Squash School of Porto).
Portrait of Jordan Brail
Jordan Brail Travels to Portugal