Corona Virus Information for the ILR Community

The University continues to follow the evolving situation with COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), in conjunction with various public health officials. The health and well-being of our extended community continues to be our top priority and the University is taking the appropriate steps to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Please visit the university's Coronavirus website for all information relevant to the university.

Effective at 5:00 p.m. today (Friday, March 13), we are suspending all classes on the Ithaca campus for three weeks. Virtual instruction will begin on Monday, April 6. All undergraduate students and many graduate and professional students are strongly encouraged to return as soon as feasible to their permanent home residences. For ILR, this will include our Ithaca campus-based classes as well as those classes conducted in Buffalo and at other locations, excluding New York City.

For ILR in New York City;

Effective Friday, March 13th, all program delivery, including professional education, executive education, any other trainings and academic programming in New York City will shift to an online format.  Also, effective Friday, March 13th, all external events in the New York City conference center will be postponed or cancelled.

Remote work arrangements for ILR faculty and staff

The University announced on Friday that employees who are able to work remotely should do so no later than March 20th. We will begin the process of working remotely as soon as possible. We recognize that this will take some extra steps and we will have support staff available to help with this process. For all employees, we are working on building a basic training for working from home if needed.

Soon you will receive a survey on your technical readiness. It is important that you respond quickly so that we can get the information needed to help you. Please work with your supervisor on any questions or concerns you have.

Our faculty trainings will continue as scheduled for the coming week of March 16. We will keep them as in-person sessions on Wednesday, March 18, to provide this as an optional delivery mechanism. All the other sessions will be done via Zoom, online. We will record them and make them available via Zoom as a point of reference. We will provide help with basic tech support to get set up on Zoom and Canvas as well as advanced training to help our faculty deliver a quality educational experience.

Please schedule a time with our technical support team at We do not want to overwhelm our support staff so scheduling an appointment is the best way to ensure we can meet the demand.

Mental and Physical Health

Cornell Health has published information related to COVID-19.

Community members may feel anxious about this evolving public health situation or have concerns about friends and family living in areas currently experiencing the outbreak.