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Welcome Back!

In preparation for a full return to campus, many at ILR have already reactivated their own on-campus presence, and others are seeking to do so. Anyone wishing to return to campus may do so now.

Daily Check

Currently, NYS requires each employee working on campus to complete a daily health screening.

Those wishing to return to campus must enroll in Cornell’s Daily Check if they have not already done so. To do so, visit, and following the instructions attached to this message.

Please note: the instructions vary where noted for those who are fully vaccinated and those who are not.

Fully vaccinated employees are required to upload their vaccine status to the university through Daily Check. Fully vaccinated employees do not need to undergo regular testing and can move throughout our buildings freely with or without masks. On-campus employees who have not yet achieved their full vaccination must continue regular testing, masking and distancing in accordance with Cornell’s requirements.

Technical Assistance

If you need help from ILR Technology Services for getting your IT needs met, please submit a Helpdesk ticket and briefly describe your request.

For any help with building access, settling back into your office or other spaces at ILR, making adjustments to heating or cooling, etc., please write to ILR Facilities at

Daily Check Instructions

As you return to campus, you will need to update your Daily Check status to comply with NYS requirements for employers to provide a daily employee health screening.

Unvaccinated employees will still be required to be tested regularly.
Vaccinated employees are not required to be tested.

In order to return to campus follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to and log in.

    Note: If you have been vaccinated, then ignore the language about testing frequency. Testing frequency only applies to individuals who are not vaccinated or who have not yet uploaded their vaccination status.

    Figure 1
  1. Click on “Request to Change Campus Status/Testing Frequency”
    Figure 2
  1. Review the Group 1-4 descriptions
  2. Select the new Group in the Select New Group Level
    • Selection of a group level is for transtion planning purposes only and does not constitute approval of a remote work arrangement for Fall of 2021.
  3. In the “Does your schedule require you to be tested on Saturdays and Sundays?”
    1. Choose “No” if your work schedule does not include Saturdays or Sundays or if you have been vaccinated.
    2. Choose “Yes” only if you have not yet been vaccinated and your work schedule includes Saturdays or Sundays.
  4. For the question, “If unvaccinated, when would you like your new testing level to begin?”, enter the first day you will be working on-campus. Note: If you have been vaccinated, then ignore this question.
  5. Both you and your supervisor will receive an email when the submission has been received.
  6. When HR has received and processed the request, you will receive an approval email and you are now enrolled in daily check and can fill that out each day before arriving on campus.