Visiting Fellows

Yuling Hao

Yuling Hao

Country of origin: China Visiting period:

December 2017-November 2018


Background and Previous Experience

Yuling Hao is a PhD student at Renmin University of China. She is part of the China Disability Institute at Renmin University of China, which is the first established Disability Institute in China. She has been involved in many national research projects with Professor Lixiong Yang, her PhD adviser in China. Her research interests are disability social policy and welfare policy. She spent some time at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China to become familiar with the practice of disability social policies related to employees. She also spent some time at the Disabled Persons’ Federation to collect materials about the disability social policies in practice. From 1 May to 1 November 2017, she served as a visiting fellow at the International Research Unit in Disability Studies at Cologne University in Germany, funded by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, which is the oldest and biggest political foundation in Germany to conduct research on the comparative disability social policies between China and Germany. 

Current Research at ILR

During her stay at the ILR School at Cornell University, Yuling Hao intends to work on her dissertation regarding disability identity and welfare policies and deepen her knowledge about disability policies in the U.S. She will also be assisting with the completion of a cross-country study of employment participation of people with disabilities in China at the Yang-Tan Institute on Disability and Employment, ILR.

Yuling Hao