Yanan Guo

Yanan Guo

Yanan Guo

Country of origin: Hong Kong Visiting period: February-July 2020 Faculty sponsor: Eli Friedman, Ph.D. Email: yg443@cornell.edu

Background and experience

Yanan Guo is a full-time PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology, The University of Hong Kong (HKU), where she received her bachelor’s degree in sociology, translation and media studies. She has worked as a journalist and media analyst in the tech industry in Hong Kong and Beijing. Her primary research interests include tech entrepreneurship in China, communications, media, and the intersection between digital technology, workplace, and changing dynamics of social interaction and interpersonal relationships in contemporary China.

Yanan’s Ph.D. dissertation is an ethnographic study which researches the sociality and ecology of the internet entrepreneurship in China, and examines the processes of collective production, circulation and reproduction of various cultural discourses in the Chinese internet community through technology-facilitated interaction between state policies, startup spaces, private venture capital, new media content providers and mass internet entrepreneurs. She is also working on a side project looking at implications of the development of digital money in rural China.

Research at ILR

Yanan is working on her dissertation and collaborating with her colleague on a research examining emerging types of masculinities in the tech sector in China.


McDonald, T., Guo, Y. “What would happen if you can’t see your money?”: Visibility and the emergent infrastructures of digital money storage in China," New Media and Society. (forthcoming, 2020).

-Yanan Guo