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Work and the Coronavirus

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Helping people understand how COVID-19 affects work and employment by sharing insights and help from ILR's workplace experts.

Student Voices

Can Employers Require the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Employers may want to require a vaccine in the workplace to maintain employee health, but there are many restrictions in doing so.
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What Rights do Essential Workers have in NYS and NYC?

The pandemic has highlighted the significance of essential workers and offers opportunities to improve their working conditions. ILR senior Mika Forman-Yossifov discussed New York state and city legislation being introduced to protect essential workers’ labor rights.

Best Practices for Virtual Onboarding Experiences

A qualitative study conducted by alumna Ayesha Ejaz, MILR ’20, with employees and hiring managers which provides insight into challenges of virtual onboarding across industries during COVID-19, followed by some recommendations to make it a better experience for future employees.
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Wellness Apps: A COVID Trend or the Future?

COVID-19 has caused a surge in app usage especially in the wellness space, will this be our “new normal” and if so how should companies adapt to this trend?
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Enhancing Workplace Communication during the Pandemic and Beyond

Establishing an empathetic attitude and prioritizing feedback will help foster honest conversations between employees and management, which will help mitigate the negative impacts of remote work on communication.
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Employee Voting in the Era of COVID-19

Employers and employees must work together to ensure employee voting rights are secured.
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An Opportunity for Diversity and Inclusion Efforts During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Two ILR students propose a road map for real change in diversity and inclusion practices in this time of crisis.
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Labor and Employment Law

The NLRB has allowed exempted the duty to bargain in the past in response to emergency situations like the pandemic. ILR Senior, Katherine Heaney helps navigate the complexities of wage adjustments available under the law.
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National COVID-19-Related Racial Inequality and The Workplace

The COVID-19 crisis continues to disproportionately impact minorities in the workplace.
Young couple fo color working together on a laptop at home.

Should I Trust You?

Remote work weakens trust among co-workers, but efficiency and financial performance improve when team members support each other’s projects.
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Cancer, COVID-19 and Return to Work

Employers should expand accommodations policies to include people living with immunocompromised individuals, says an ILR student.
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Onboarding Challenging During COVID-19

Remote onboarding leaves many new hires feeling unsupported by supervisors, distracted by the challenges of managing teams shifted to working from home due to the pandemic.
Frustrated young woman working at home. She is holding her glasses and is leaning her head on her hand.

Remote Work: Not a New Trend

The shift to increased work from home is accelerating existing use of people analytics and other tools, including organizational network analysis, which maps informal and formal workplace relationships.
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