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You’re Leading the Old Way: Get Over It

by Samuel Bacharach

In response to COVID-19, you find that your entire team is working from home. This isn’t your preference, but in many cases, is result of a mandate by the larger employer or governmental authority. Your team is no longer in your line of vision, and if you're a manger most comfortable with direct and constant supervision, you're suddenly tasked with leading and assessing your team with a different set of skills.

How can you move ahead and still maintain a remnant of control?

(Original full-text article available at Your Team is Working from Home and You’re Still Leading the Old Way: Get Over It.)

Infographic showing 7 steps to better managing remote teams.

Samuel Bacharach

  • McKelvey-Grant Professor of Organizational Behavior, ILR School
  • Director, Smithers Institute

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