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Work and the Coronavirus

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Helping people understand how COVID-19 affects work and employment by sharing insights and help from ILR's workplace experts.

Employer Best Practices

COVID-19 is Transforming Workplace Culture

Redesigned spaces and strategies will greet many when pandemic restrictions lift.
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Employers Might Be Able to Require Vaccination, But Should They?

Employers should be willing to be flexible, but acknowledge that some people will have a legitimate reason to refuse.
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Financial Incentives for Hiring Justice-Impacted

CJEI’s Rachel Joseph explains that companies who hire people with previous involvement in the criminal legal system may qualify for financial incentives such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and the Federal Bonding Program.
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Northeast ADA Call Center Providing COVID-19 Guidance

Specialists at the call center, based in ILR’s Yang-Tan institute, are helping people navigate pandemic-related issues impacting people with disabilities.
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Working with a Disability during COVID-19: Providing Additional Accommodations

During the pandemic, both employers and employees may need to be more creative and flexible as they work together to respond to requests for altered or additional accommodations.
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Innovation in Labor Management Dialogue: In the Epicenter of the Pandemic

Director of Healthcare Labor Relations John August discusses advancements in union organizing for physicians.
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Reopening the NYC Film and TV Industry

Labor and management leaders in the industry have issued a set of safety protocols so that production can safely resume during the pandemic.
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HBR – How U.S. Companies Can Support Employees of Color Through the Pandemic

HBR's published a piece that outlines practical and strategic work that companies can do to support their employees of color through the pandemic.
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HBR – Working from Home While Black

Laura Morgan Roberts and ILR Assistant Professor Courtney L. McCluney wrote a piece for HBR that explores and provides practical steps coworkers and managers can take to support Black employees working from home.
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Reopening in NYC: Understanding the Impact of Phase 3

Madison Meltz offers a discussion of the business landscape changes in Phase 3 of reopening in NYC.
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Reopened and Safety Compliant, Now What?: ADA Employment and Accessibility Issues

Esta Bigler of ILR's Labor and Employment Law Program hosts a panel discussion covering reopening and in a new world of ADA, accessibility, and employment best practices.
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Conducting Investigations while Social Distancing

ILR experts in investigations outline practical considerations for conducting investigations while social distancing.
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Maintaining Employee Fiscal Welfare When Returning to Work

As restrictions ease and businesses reopen, balancing employee financial security with business goals becomes critical.
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Disabilities, Face Masks, and the ADA

YTI's Ellice Switzer and Wendy Strobel Gower discuss the relationship of the ADA with pandemic face mask requirements.
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9 Myths About Hiring People with Criminal Records

CJEI's Timothy McNutt busts 9 common myths about hiring people with criminal records.
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Crisis Management and Covid-19

Nellie Brown outlines steps organizations can take to best plan for crisis management during the pandemic.
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Reopening the Workplace

Screening, barriers and social distancing – ILR workplace safety expert Nellie Brown says that safety measures to help curb COVID-19 will reduce the spread of other diseases.
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Worker Alcohol Abuse: Employers Can Help

Knowing who is at risk and how to support those most in need helps managers assist workers who are especially vulnerable during the pandemic, according to ILR Associate Professor William Sonnenstuhl.
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You’re Leading the Old Way: Get Over It

Professor Samuel Bacharach provides seven steps to better management in the time of COVID-19.
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