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Skinner presents at the White House Forum on Campus and Community-Scale Climate Change Solutions

On March 8, 2023, Lara Skinner, Executive Director of the Climate Jobs Institute at Cornell University’s ILR School, participated at the White House Forum on Campus and Community-Scale Climate Change Solutions, hosted by the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the University of Washington (UW).

Skinner was joined by U.S. Government officials, leaders, and educators from colleges and universities nationwide for a virtual forum. Her panel session, “Accelerating Community Climate Solutions through Higher Education Partnerships,” showcased how innovative ideas and actions can advance climate change efforts on college campuses while benefitting the surrounding communities and beyond.

Skinner was joined by Girard Melancon, Program Director for the National Green Jobs Advisory Council, National Council for Workforce Education; Robert Kopp – Co-director of the University Office of Climate Action and Director of the Megalopolitan Coastal Transformation Hub, Rutgers University; and Matthew Richardson – Acting Director of the Center for Urban Research, Engagement, & Scholarship, University of DC.

The panel session was moderated by Todd Crowl, Director, Institute of Environment, Florida International University.

Lara Skinner speaking at the White House Forum