Cory Sanford

Cory Sanford

Cory Sanford


Executive Master of Human Resource Management

Ithaca, NY

Cory's EMHRM Experience

Where are you from?

Boise, Idaho

How or why did you decide to come to Cornell for the EMHRM program?

Pursuing a Master’s Degree was always part of my plan. Due to a growing career and family I ended up with many years of HR experience before I was in a position to commit to a Master’s Program. I had been looking for the right graduate opportunity for about 3 years before I came across Cornell’s EMHRM program. I loved my full-time executive HR role and where I lived so I wanted an education from a school with a reputation that I could trust to deliver a profound learning experience. Cornell’s EMHRM program checked all of the boxes by allowing me to not just remain but excel in my role with the flexibility of doing most of the coursework in an engaging online environment.

What are some highlights of the program?

The program is brilliantly designed to incorporate elite professors with relevant and immediately applicable content for business leaders in HR roles. The cohort-style approach with such amazing global HR leaders was the best part of the program with the ability to learn from their experience and insights. Coming to campus throughout the program is also an amazing experience to meet industry thought leaders and engage with the faculty and cohort. Laughing and learning were off the charts!

Describe your experience of working online.

What I thought was going to be difficult to jump back into coursework after being in the workforce for many years and having the ability to focus and learn complex concepts turned out to be a really great experience with an easier than expected integration. Because of the excellent course design with intentionally different learning elements like videos, reading, and student interactions, the world-class content is precisely structured to maximize learning for all learning styles. The content was so relevant and interesting that I was fully focused and engaged during each module and was excited about diving into each new topic.

What is some advice for someone who is looking to do the EMHRM program?

I spent 3 years researching different HR Masters Programs throughout the country, most of them with primarily online content. I kept all of my data and research in a huge spreadsheet so I could weigh my options. After 3 years, none of the 20 programs I was evaluating fit my schedule or expectations. As soon as I heard about the EMHRM program I knew it was right for me – the strategic course topics, 15-month timeline, working around a demanding executive schedule, an ivy league school, cohort style structure to expand and deepen my professional network, and a price that is a tremendous value. So, take it from someone that did all the research over the course of many years – this is the program for you. It’s the very best out there. Apply today!

Where do you work?

I am the Head of People at Guidant Financial.

How has the program helped you in your current role?

This program made me a business leader that just happens to love and have a lot of experience and focus in the people portion of the business.  I can use my skillset and passion for Human Resources to drive strategic business outcomes. I have more confidence to lead the business and others towards positive results with powerful purpose.