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International Seat Held by Nishii

Associate Professor Lisa Nishii

Associate Professor Lisa Nishii, who is also Cornell Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, has accepted an invitation to the Global Future Council on New Equality and Inclusion, a new international forum designed to re-think world challenges.

Nishii is in Dubai for her first meetings in her year-long term on a new international forum on inequality and inclusion.

Nishii anticipates that faculty research, joined with experience in the field from chief diversity and inclusion officers, will deepen the conversation and fill the gaps of knowledge to acquire a fuller understanding of inequality.

“My hope is that we will challenge norms and explore new ideas to improve global systems that affect people, organizations and the world we share,” Nishii said.

The council work combines private and public cooperation and is affiliated with the Centre for the New Economy and Society.

The council is charged with investigating new models, standards and policies to achieve more equitable economies and workplaces, and will review such facets as social mobility, gender equality, meritocracy, diversity and social protection. Political, business and public service views will be shared.

Focus areas include addressing diversity challenges through disruptive technologies, approaches to reviving social mobility and human capital re-skilling strategies.

Nishii said there can be a wider share of prosperity and stability for humanity.

“The international forum is a great vehicle for multistakeholder collaboration, and for identifying future opportunities.”

“I’m very honored to have been asked and am excited to be able to extend my research impact in this way. This international platform can expose problems and offer new thinking to international decision makers – in an effort to improve the state of the world,” Nishii said.

Learn more about the World Economic Forum and Global Future Councils. Review the annual meeting.

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