Economics Expert Recognized

Abowd's contributions to field honored by Econometric Society
John Abowd
Thursday, November 6, 2014

John M. Abowd, Cornell's Edmund Ezra Day Professor of Economics, has been elected a Fellow of the Econometric Society in recognition of his contributions to the field of economics.

At Cornell, Abowd teaches courses in microeconomics, micro-econometrics and understanding social and economic data.

In the field of economics, he has published numerous influential works including:

  • "High Wage Workers and High Wage Firms"
  • "The Entry and Exit of Workers and the Growth of Employment: An Analysis of French Establishments"
  • "The Effect of Wage Bargains on the Stock Market Value of the Firm."

Besides writing and lecturing, he also served as director of graduate studies in the Cornell Economics Ph.D. program and is director of the Labor Dynamics Institute, based at ILR.

Abowd has previously been recognized as a distinguished senior research fellow by the U.S. Census Bureau, a research affiliate by the Centre de Recherche en Economie et Statistique and a research fellow by the Institut für Arbeitsmarkt-und Berufsforschung.

Abowd responded to his nomination by saying "I am honored to be recognized by the Econometric Society for my contributions to the discipline, and I am grateful to Cornell University and to the ILR School for the many years of research support that led to this election."

Fellows represent the highest authority of the society. It annually elects fellows in recognition of "published original contributions to economic theory or to such statistical, mathematical, or accounting analyses as have a definite bearing on problems in economics."