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screenshot illustrating the mapping features of the tracker

Use the School District COVID-19 Tracker to understand pandemic patterns

We have launched the NYS School District COVID-19 Tracker, an interactive, web-based mapping tool that combines multiple sources of data on COVID-19, demographics and related topics.

You can use the tool to quickly see COVID-19 outbreak patterns in New York State. The map will show you – at a glance – districts where cases have increased since last week. You'll see map outlines, shading, and other visual tools as well as key numbers to understand both active and cumulative cases of COVID-19. You can also find information on the opening status of school districts.

Toggling on and off different demographic map layers will add contexts such as child-poverty levels, and let you see different geographic contexts such as county or school-district case rates.

The tool is designed for use by families, community groups, researchers, school districts, government officials and others to help assess COVID-19 patterns within a broad context of variables.

Use the tool here.

Watch a full, video tutorial below.

Many thanks to the tool's creator, Russell Weaver, the director of research at ILR Buffalo Co-Lab.