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New York City

exterior photo of ILR's offices in Manhattan, NYC
Where ILR shows its work and impact on its home in New York City.

Research and Resources

Interview: Alex Colvin speaks with Bob Hoyt about the pandemic and the financial sector

Alex Colvin speaks with Bob Hoyt of Barclays (soon to join HSBC) about the effects of the pandemic on financial-services and banking firms.
Portrait of Bob Hoyt

Use the School District COVID-19 Tracker to understand pandemic patterns

Use the School District COVID-19 Tracker as an interactive mapping tool to understand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on New York State.
screenshot illustrating the mapping features of the tracker

Working with a Disability during COVID-19: Providing Additional Accommodations

During the pandemic, both employers and employees may need to be more creative and flexible as they work together to respond to requests for altered or additional accommodations.
Illustration of a man working at a desk

How COVID-19’s Job Disruptions Vary by Gender, Race and Hispanic Ethnicity in August 2020

Women, African American and Hispanic workers are faring markedly worse than men and white workers.
A group of seven people stand in front of floor to ceiling windows with blue skies beyond.

Reopening the NYC Film and TV Industry

Labor and management leaders in the industry have issued a set of safety protocols so that production can safely resume during the pandemic.
Video camera

Webinar: Fair and Safe Return to Work: Protecting Workers and Communities during Reopening

This webinar will examine the issues that workers and communities are facing as New York City undergoes phase 4 of the reopening of its economy.
person wearing a mask working behind a bar at a restaurant

Reopened and Safety Compliant, Now What?: ADA Employment and Accessibility Issues

Esta Bigler of ILR's Labor and Employment Law Program hosts a panel discussion covering reopening and in a new world of ADA, accessibility, and employment best practices.
a person wearing a mask moving boxes on a handtruck to illustrate reopening and ppe

Video: Reopening During Covid and Older Workers

Esta Bigler hosted a webinar discussion with labor-law experts on the ramifications of reopening on older workers, and where the ADA relates to reopening.
screenshot showing the panelists discussing over videoconferencing software