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Video: Reopening During Covid and Older Workers

On June 17, 2020, Esta Bigler, ILR's Labor and Employment Law program director, hosted a discussion panel that explored the relationship of the ADA with older employees during reopening. This video below was made available as a continuing professional training (it offered CLE credits, which don't apply to recorded videos) for legal practitioners, but is also a valuable discussion for any interested in the legal issues affecting employment during (and following) the pandemic.

The CDC guidance has identified people who are 65 and above as at higher risk for serious health consequences if they contract COVID-19. This group may also have age-related health conditions, which increase their risks. As businesses reopen and bring people back to the workplace, both employers and older workers will be confronting this issue. Some members of this population may want to go back to the traditional workplace, while others may not. Employees may want to telework, particularly if they have been working remotely during the shutdown. What if telecommuting is not possible? What will be the employment consequences for older workers and what protections are available under the ADEA? How should employers handle requests for special safety measures or health related accommodations under the ADA? As counsel for employers, workers and unions, what are the options to discuss with your clients?

Our speakers for this program are:

Chai R. Feldblum, Partner and Director of Workplace Culture Consulting, Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP; former EEOC Commissioner

Laurie A. McCann, Senior Attorney, Litigation, AARP Foundation