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Proposal Preparation & Submission

All final application materials are due to the ILR Sponsored Research Office at least 10 business days before the submission deadline.

Only Cornell's Office of Sponsored Programs is authorized to submit proposals on behalf of the university. To notify the SRO of your intention to submit a proposal and to begin the process, complete the Proposal Intake Form.

Please allow 48 business hours for the SRO to review and respond to your request.

Guidance & Resources:

ILR Proposal Process: Step by Step Instructions - Working with the SRO

ILR Proposal Submission Flowchart

ILR Deans Waivers & Exceptions

Grant Writing Checklist for PIs

Does Your Project Require An Application to the Cornell IRB Office?

Once a sponsored project is awarded, the SRO partners with the project team to provide award management support. Although the PI is responsible for the overall operations of their project, the SRO provides support with:

  • Managing and monitoring budgets to ensure guidelines are followed.
  • Providing fiscal oversight by monitoring revenue and project expenditures.
  • Assisting with the management of research staff, including updating effort, following university and sponsor guidelines.
  • Processing post award changes requested by the project team, as necessary.

All financial questions or requests to process changes must be sent to the SRO, who will involve the appropriate contacts in the central offices, as necessary. Only Cornell's central offices (OSP & SFS) are authorized to formally execute contracts/contract amendments and prepare financial reports. The SRO ensures that appropriate documentation and procedures are followed prior to submitting requests to OSP & SFS for processing.

Guidance & Resources:

Roles & Responsibilities Chart


Find Funding Opportunities

A majority of the research conducted at Cornell University is funded by sponsors that support research, training, and services through a variety of agreements. To maximize your likelihood of success in obtaining funding, choose a funding source and mechanism that best matches the topic, scope, and budget of your proposed research, as well as your career level. Below are links to the most common databases used to find funding opportunities.

Note: limited submission competitions are coordinated by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation. See more on the Limited Submissions page.


Frequently Asked Questions

The ILR Sponsored Research Office receives many questions throughout the lifecycle of a sponsored award. The most commonly asked questions have been categorized by topic in relation to pre-award or post award processes.

Proposal Preparation & Submission (Pre-Award)

Award Management (Post Award)

Contact Us

Submit a Request To:

For All Other Inquiries

To reduce response times, the SRO recommends sending an email with a subject line containing the OSP# (for all existing awards), reason for request, and the due date/effective date (if applicable).