ILR Sponsored Research Office

The mission of the ILR Sponsored Research Office (ILRSRO) is to support, advance, and promote sponsored research and sponsored program activities at the ILR School, providing consistent and courteous customer service and flexible solutions.

ILRSRO’s Responsibilities:

  • To assist faculty in submitting proposals.
  • To assist faculty in locating funding opportunities in support of and to advance ILR faculty research initiatives.
  • To work closely with PI and Department to assure proper and consistent administration in concurrence with Cornell policy and procedures as well as that of the granting agency policies.

Proposal Preparation: Start Here

The first step of proposal preparation is to contact the ILR Sponsored Research Office with the following information:

  1. The documentation or website link of the Request for Proposal (RFP)
  2. Sponsor Name
  3. Proposal Deadline (Note: the proposal must be finalized with ILRSRO 5 business days prior to the sponsor deadline to allow adequate review by OSP)
  4. Include any preliminary budgeting information such as salary, travel, subcontracts, etc.