Petty Cash

The preferred purchasing method for small business expenses is by procurement card. The process below is applicable when reimbursement is sought for expenses paid with personal funds. When using a procurement card is not possible, using funds from petty cash for qualifying, small-dollar expenses, or reimbursements is appropriate. Typically, small-dollar expenses are less than $40.


  • Receives verbal approval to initiate purchase from “account owner”.
  • Purchases goods/services with personal funds and obtains a detailed receipt from the vendor.
  • Submits receipt to Petty Cash coordinator, Dianna Dean-Tucker, to receive reimbursement from Petty Cash. The receipt must contain the account number, date, business purpose, name of individual receiving the reimbursement and the amount.

Office of Financial Operations and Budget Planning

  • If the amount of the reimbursement is $40 or less, the person will receive the reimbursement immediately (if petty cash funds permit).
  • If the amount of the reimbursement is greater than $40, the department will need to send the receipt to the FTC for reimbursement through Disbursement Voucher.